A little about me.


My name is Jerry.

I am 41 years old.

I originally went to college to improve my writing, but ended up with a BS in Business Accounting.

I am married with two daughters and a step daughter.

I work on my confidence every day since I have self esteem concerns.

I write to rid myself of haunting or repetitive thoughts, or just as a creative outlet.

I write from my phone a lot, which means spelling isn’t always purrfect.

I love admiring beauty.

I think beauty is everywhere.

I suffer from depression and anxiety.

I have been getting better; writing helps.

I love nature.

I love woodworking and own a woodworking business.

I cherish my memories.

I have regrets.

I have a hard time picturing the future, but I remember the past vividly.

Thank you all for reading; it means a lot. I have doubts about my writing, but having other poets and people like my poetry definitely boosts my confidence, and my gratitude. You are all wonderful.


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