Day: June 1, 2017

Fixing LifeĀ 

I’m trying diligently to transform 

Into a better person all around. 

I only hope I succeed 

And don’t let myself or others down. 

I know I have problems, 

But who doesn’t?

Sometimes we choose to ignore them, 

But we shouldn’t. 

Our complaints are unwanted,

yet they still persist; 

We fear looking bad

And all of which that consists. 

I’ve made myself a promise though; 

That I will try my best 

To get off those complaints 

So I can clean up this mess. 

It’s a difficult task, 

To see things through, 

But I need this desperately; 

To feel renewed. 

I choose my life 

The way that is, 

And now I have the power

To make a difference. 

Let’s hope that’s enough 

To see me to the end, 

Because that’s where this life 

Can truly begin.