Day: June 2, 2017

Speak Your Mind

Why must we all be so inhibited? 

It’s like free speech is prohibited. 

So many thoughts unexpressed, 

Leaving listeners uninspired and unimpressed. 

There seems to be a social norm

That we all have to follow since we were born, 

But at least as children we spoke our minds,

Hearing “they don’t know any better” all the time. 

But that was okay; 

Our parents didn’t want us to drift away, 

But couldn’t protect us from society 

And all it’s limitations and propriety. 

Me, I’ve always been shy; 

Just not the most talkative guy. 

But what others seem to overlook

Is I’m listening intently which is often mistook

And seen as disinterest 

But that’s hardly the case. 

I listen and learn while they speak, 

But I hear much that is not unique. 

People seem to share the same stories

Over and over until they are boring, 

Instead of opening up their hearts and souls 

And sharing without such strict controls.  

I can’t be a hypocrite though

Because my own expression is slow

And I don’t open up right away

Even though I have so much to say. 

It’s all trapped in my head

And probably will be until I’m dead, 

But I hope to get everything out 

And speak my mind unladened of doubt.  

Maybe one of these days 

I’ll just give it all away, 

But until then I’ll still listen

Hoping for for a look within.