Day: June 5, 2017


Oh, sunny day, 

Please take me away. 

Away from the daily grind 

To a place with no time, 

Where I can finally still my thoughts 

And untie this muscular knot. 

A place where people know your name, 

And none of them are the same. 

They all have personalities different, 

And yet values consistent, 

Offering up a trinity

Of honor, respect, and integrity. 

A place where wars don’t exist 

Because we never ball a fist. 

Instead the power is in words; 

Leave the fighting for the birds. 

I’d rather have long conversations 

Than pointless confrontations. 

This place may not be true, 

But I’ll hold hope for one day soon

That we all may see a different light; 

One of imagination and insight, 

And understand each other then

When before we couldn’t comprehend. 

For we are all upon this earth

To find out what our lives are worth, 

Not to ruin one another in bloody battle 

Like a wolf amongst the cattle. 

Instead I’d like to believe 

That we can all stop and breathe, 

And take a moment to realize 

That life is about compromise. 

I don’t want to see

All the hatred and misery; 

Instead I’d rather hear pleasant tales 

About life’s little surprises and all they entail. 

But I don’t have any influence 

Over making the world more congruent, 

So I sit on the sidelines with my hope 

That one day we’ll all learn to cope

And appreciate the differences 

And little coincidences. 

It may be a pipe dream

Or just me blowing off some steam, 

But I’d like to think it’s possible 

To make this world more liveable

For each and every one 

Without ever having to use a gun. 

Normally this is not my focus of my poems 

But today I feel like sharing a different tone; 

Maybe it’s because I’m so tired, 

Or maybe I’m just sick of all that transpires. 

Either way 

I’m trying to have a good day,

And felt like writing positive 

Instead of everything I grieve, 

And I feel better for it, 

So I hope you enjoy this tidbit. 

Have a marvelous day, 

And may your worries all melt away.