Day: June 6, 2017


The lake rippled with the breeze, 

But soon the waters eased, 

And the placid look was back again, 

Just as the sun met it’s end. 

And while cool waters reflected the display

The light slowly faded away,

Leaving a calm still over the land, 

A rainbow hue of colors in a band 

Around the horizon and into the sky, 

Signaling the beginning of the night. 

And slowly the insects came out to play, 

And bats circled around hunting their prey, 

All dancing over the water’s edge, 

Then returning to their cavern at the mountain ledge. 

An owl sounds his call from the forest

As he begins his nightly forage, 

And other beasts begin to prowl

All under the eyes of the watchful owl. 

The night moves on, 

And will until dawn

When the early birds rise 

To catch Thor food by surprise. 

It’s all in a day’s routine, 

Deep inside my daydream.