Day: June 7, 2017


I woke up feeling a bit depressed, 

And I know what it means. 

I have to go into work 

When I was having a good dream. 

I can’t remember the events, 

Nor the people in it, 

But I remember I was happy 

Then I woke up and wasn’t. 

I know I have some soul searching to do, 

To re-evaluate my life; 

To find out why I feel so wrong, 

When everything is really alright. 

I guess it’s just my productivity 

Here at this place; 

I feel like I serve little purpose 

And my time is a waste. 

I could be doing so much more 

With the years I have left,

But instead I’m living day to day,

Paycheck to paycheck. 

I see the fancy cars around me, 

And people in their fancy suits, 

And wonder about the dreams I had 

When I was a youth. 

They never involved having an office, 

Or being dressed up every day; 

My dreams were a bit more grandiose, 

But they have all but faded away. 

Sometimes I wish I could go back 

And give myself a swift kick in the pants; 

A reminder to hold onto those dreams 

Because they should forever last. 

Instead I’ve let them go, 

Maybe out of loss of hope, 

But now I’m just a lackey

And feel like a dope. 

So hold on tight to those dreams

And don’t let them go; 

It’s worth it just to have goals 

And don’t let your motivation slow. 

Because life is too short 

To be caught in a dead end; 

Time is a wasting 

And death is waiting around the bend. 

It’s an inevitable end 

To all existence; 

It’s just a matter of when,

No matter the resistance. 

So step up and meet life with open arms

And don’t fret about your failures; 

We all fall from time to time

But don’t let it change your behaviors. 

If you falter, stand back up

And face your adversity with courage, 

Because life is far too short 

To feel so discouraged.