Day: June 8, 2017


Sure would be nice 

To hear some advice 

That would stick in my mind; 

This is so hard to find. 

Not because of the people who give it; 

It’s more like I’ve hit my limit, 

And nothing else can be retained, 

Or I’m just too stubborn to change. 

I lean towards the latter 

And the rest is just smatter. 

It’s always been difficult 

On all things mental and physical 

To let any advice sink in 

Because I must not believe within

That these words hold any meaning for me

And my inner anarchy. 

But I don’t know how to change

Or to turn the next page 

In the chapter of my life; 

This one just isn’t right. 

Of course each chapter has a common thread, 

And will until the end;

It’s a shame that the protagonist 

Is so damn adamant. 

In writing the script 

I must have ripped 

Some of the pages out 

That defined his clout

And now he’s just a shell

Who can’t escape from his self induced spell. 

Ita just a vicious circle 

With hurdle after hurdle, 

And I’ve not found a way out 

Of this cavernous hideout. 

I hope some day 

I’ll find my way 

And exist again.