Day: June 12, 2017


The feeling of being scared 

Has kept me impaired 

Throughout all my years

And numerous different fears. 

I was always afraid 

Of the way I’m portrayed, 

So I never really tried 

To catch any eyes. 

I was always frightened 

Of what to be enlightened 

So I never went after my goals 

Because of the fear of them getting old. 

So many things I let fear take over, 

Even now that I’m older. 

It seeps into my mind 

From time to time, 

Making me second guess 

What is really best. 

I guess it’s my defense mechanism 

But it causes so much pessimism

Because I’m held back 

From laying a new track 

And moving ahead;

It makes me cautious instead. 

Fear, I loathe thee, 

And wish to exorcise you from memory, 

Instead giving me the confidence 

I feel for which I was always meant.