Day: June 14, 2017


I can’t explain well enough 

My things on my mind. 

It’s as if when I try to talk 

I’m locked in time. 

No amount of chatting 

Will ever complete my soul; 

My mind’s made up 

That it will probably never be whole. 

That’s what depression does; 

It robs me of possibilities. 

It takes away my happiness 

So that I’m never at ease. 

I’ve tried so many different solutions, 

But believe it’s for me to defeat. 

No amount of medicine or talking 

Will help me pull off this feat. 

While I appreciate the efforts 

From friends to family and all in between, 

They don’t always understand 

What it’s like to be me. 

Depression is the stranger 

Who lives inside me, 

Constantly shrouding my sight 

And taking away my rationality. 

Instead it’s replaced 

With so many negative feelings; 

If they were tangible 

They’d stack to the ceiling. 

I want so badly 

To be the real me I know is inside, 

But like a shy child, 

It runs and hides. 

Only glimpses do others see 

Of the real me; 

Usually the stranger 

Clouds over my personality. 

But I’m fighting it off 

The best I can; 

I want to know myself again

And to be my own man. 

I’ll continue to fight 

Until I feel like myself again. 

I owe everyone and myself that much 

For sticking with me until the end.