Day: June 15, 2017


Tomorrow will be a better day; 

That’s what they always say. 

I’ve been waiting for the day to come

When all this mess can be undone, 

And I can actually enjoy living

Instead of worrying about my misgivings. 

I’ve tried so many things to become upbeat, 

But as I sit here in my seat

I realize they may be all for naught 

Because maybe I’m just always distraught. 

I can set it aside for moments of time 

And be truly happy with my life, 

But then the doubt and worry return

And again my mind starts to churn. 

Either I’m just too stubborn to change 

Or I’m just used to the pain. 

People follow what’s familiar

Even if it’s just similar

Because they need something to guide them

Through the winding roads and bends.

I must have latched on

To these emotions ago so long, 

And now that they’re comfortable to me 

Sometimes I can’t see beyond my misery. 

If you don’t suffer from depression

Thank the heavens 

Because this is a curse; 

Can’t get much worse. 

Even when everything’s okay 

You still can’t look away 

From everything that haunts you; 

Even things that are untrue. 

It’s sad what I tell myself 

But what’s worse is I have no help. 

People try but can’t see 

The glimmer of what was once me. 

All they know is what I’ve become; 

Even as I shout silently I’m numb. 

So what’s the moral of the story? 

Is it a happy ending or nugatory? 

I’ll just say 

Not everything goes your way 

And you have to learn to live 

Even when happiness isn’t given. 

So reach out and inspire; 

Teach others to aim higher

And live your life the best you can 

In this difficult but short life span.